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Agency Konscious Money Entertainment Group

United States, Charlotte, North Carolina
Owner: Alure Iman
Created: 06142012
Address: 121 W. Trade St.
Phone: 704-218-9645
Fax: 704-218-9645


Konscious Money Entertainment Group is emerging as the center of attraction in many fashion and talent circles nationwide as the source for giving aspiring models and upcoming performing talent promotional exposure through TV Talent Searches, Model Talent Searches, television promos, live club, and event hosting, but Konscious Money Entertainment Group seems to be Charlotte North Carolina’s well kept secret for reasons that are not understandable.


This unique and very well marketed upcoming entertainment agency


is attracting popular performers nationwide and talent inquiries from London, New Zealand, Australia, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Tampa, New Jersey, New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, California, South Carolina, and Alabama, just to name a few countries, cities, and states that have aspiring models and upcoming performers that are willing to travel to Charlotte, NC to perform for Konscious Money Entertainment on their cable TV and Internet TV show “Uptown Premiere,” that is now broadcasted on,, and


We recently learned from Alure Iman, the Senior Promotions Manager for Konscious Money Entertainment, that there are more female models and upcoming performers from out of state contacting Konscious Money Entertainment, than local Charlotte models and performers, so we asked Ms. Iman how she felt about this large out of state attraction to her company by upcoming artist from all over the United States, and Ms. Iman stated “I can not believe our company is catching fire all over the United States and the local models and performers in Charlotte are so late in catching on and realizing that we are an Uptown Charlotte based agency that extends our hand to all local Charlotte talent, and they still are afraid to follow their dreams, so we have decided to promote talent in Charlotte, with or without local talent.”


Ms. Iman also went on to say “ I come from Washington, D.C. where local talent will kick down your door for the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience on television, but these performers in Charlotte seem to be less likely to follow their dreams and more likely to live on some false hope that they will be discovered during an open mic contest in some local club that never has more than 100 people in attendance, which is sad, when we want to promote good talent and help them get established in this highly competitive field of entertainment.”


As we did our research on the Konscious Money Entertainment Group, we found this agency to be one of the most popular and most prominent entertainment companies in the United States promoting “Ripping Runways” competitions in the Google search engine for promoting model TV Searches and TV Talent Searches.


Konscious Money Entertainment Group seems to have enormous potential and the makings of a successful entertainment company that is able to draw upcoming performers from all over the globe and we will be periodically updating the public on the progress of this dynamic new company.

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