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Agency zoomfine

China, Wuhan, Hubei
Owner: gongwei
Created: 2007
Address: ZoomfineBrandPlanning,Room 202-2,TowerB, No 3Building,HSBCheadquarters,Second GutianRoad,Wuhan,HubeiProvince,China.
Phone: 86-027-83625856
Fax: 86-027-83625855-808


zoomfine is fashion brand planing company in Wuhan from China. established in 2007, till now has been operating four years, mainly specializing in model agency, clothes and catalogues shooting as well as hosting fashion show. welcome foreign models to join us,We have four years model operating experience and accumulated many sources for clothing brands, wo have good ability and confidence to explore the huge market of China as well as the surrounding areas. We can supply the comfortable model apartment as well as the safety ensurance.

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