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Natasha Korn
Last activity: 20.12.2011, 18:33
Модельер Natasha Korn
Brand: triQita
ID: 2648
Country: Albania
City: Tirana (Tirane)
Phone: +35542372902

Rating: 60

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I have been living in Albania for the last 8 years and almost all this time I was writing my silk story of this country. I design scarves and ties of the photos taken in Albania and produce my ties and scarves of finest quality natural silk. You may proudly wear or present any of my accessories and tell the story that I write and print on a special card as a part of a gift packaging that each accessory has. Since I live in Albania, our (we are "tri qita" - "three whales") Tirana Style collection is the biggest of all and has more then 60 different patterns. I also have scarves and ties in triQita Geo Collection of Durres, Gjirokaster, Berat, Butrint - all in Albania Since we travel a lot, our "Monumental collection has ties and scarves for Paris, NY, Sofia, Bangkok, Miranda, Palermo... we have scarves for the signs of Western and Chinese horoscopes. We have scarves of flowers from many countries, and even soya field became a pattern for a scarf and also has the story. Most of these designs may be found at http// Our web gallery is going to be at It is not quite ready, but the beautiful models, wearing our scarves, which are already on the site, convince better then many words. I would call our accessory decorative (as all of them are) and meaningful (as are only our accessories). Giving such an exquisite, little and elegant gift, which has its own story makes your gift unbeatable and makes you unforgettable. We speak English and Russian, and we also do custom designs. Tell us what you want to be converted in scarf, tie, skirt, shirt, sheet, table cover and so on, and we will be happy to make your dream true.

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